As a beginner musician gigging for the first times, keeping a record of what to do and take to a gig can be overwhelming. Some tips here that might be common sense but they happen to be forgotten very often.


Check your gear before going to the gig

Check that cables are working properly, lights are turning on, any loose screw on mic stands, knobs and faders on mixers and amps, old strings that might break, that drink spill you didn´t wipe from last gig, etc. Make sure everything is working. Sometimes power extensions are broken. And of course clean all gear to make it look good.


Help setting up and tearing down

If you are in a small band like most musicians in the world, then probably you don´t pay roadies to save money or perhaps the budget is too tight. So help setting and packing so everybody works the same. Bandmates will thank you for it. No reason to be mad at other band members over work load.


Carry and Use your tuner

Many guitarists forget to bring one and keep asking for one. That consumes time and might annoy the other band members.


Always wear shoes

Loading heavy gear and working with electricity is not a good combo for working with flip flops, wet shoes or worse, barefoot. We are always touching live cables when performing so we might get electrocuted. When moving gear you might slip or let one fall on your feet causing you injuries.


Turn the mixer on first

This is the proper way when powering up a house PA, first turn on the mixer and then the power amp or active speakers. At the end turn off the speakers or power amp first, and for last turn off the mixer. By doing it the opposite way, usually speakers might get damaged.


Bring your instrument

It sounds silly but it has happened to me and several band members! Specially when rushing.


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