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Basically the two guitars are the same, as both guitars sound acoustically without the need to connect to any device.

But electroacoustic guitars have electronics to amplify the sound and can be plugged into a guitar amp or PA.

If you are a guitarist who only plays at home or in small gatherings, an acoustic guitar is more than enough. But if you play or plan to play live in front of more people, then an electro-acoustic guitar would be the best option.

Electroacoustic guitars usually have a device (transducer) that picks up vibrations of the strings and transforms them into electrical impulses. These are known as ¨pickups¨.

Besides pickups they also include a preamp and a equalizer that raises the strength of the elecAcoustic guitar Giovanni Sirias Blogtrical signal and allows the guitarist to adjust the signal frequencies before they are sent to the guitar amp or PA, having in this way, line level signal sent to the main PA.

Electro-acoustic guitars are priced slightly higher than their acoustic counterparts due to the electronics they bring with them. The better the quality of pickups and preamp the higher the price.




“An acoustic guitar can be transformed into an electro-acoustic guitar by adding pickups.”

An acoustic guitar can be transformed into an electro-acoustic guitar by adding these pickups and preamp. You´ll just have to buy the preamp and pay a luthier for the installation.

Another way to amplify an acoustic guitar is by placing a microphone close to the soundhole, but then you will need to know how to position the microphone and use one that is specialized in amplifying instruments like this one.

electroacoustic guitar Giovanni Sirias Blog

In the end if you are going to work often in places where you need to amplify your instrument, I still would recommend investing in an electro-acoustic guitar.

Which one do you prefer?


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